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Social Media changes daily, often multiple times a day. Staying ahead of the curve is overwhelming for brands and business owners. That's why our social media team is constantly learning new strategies and educating ourselves to stay up-to-date so your brand won't fall behind.

In 2007, the Out of the Box team unknowingly became "early adapters" of what is now known as Social Media. We are among the first wave of online marketing companies to utilize in-bound marketing and popular social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to serve our client's business needs. Back then, we could not have imagined how it would evolve into the cultural and business phenomenon it is today, but once we discovered the undeniable positive effects that posting original content had on our client's websites, we knew we had to expand our services.

So much has changed in the past decade, but one thing remains the same: social media marketing is about building trust and relationships with your followers. That is our core objective in every post that we make. We understand that not every social platform is right for everyone, but there is some component of social media for every brand. We look for the right mix to create the best possible digital experience for your followers.

Whether its community management, sharing unique content on individual platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or writing original and authentic content for your company blog or email newsletter, or creating strategic advertising campaigns to reach your desired audience while staying in budget, we can help.

Individual Platforms

Facebook & Instagram

Anyone can set up a Facebook page and post to it. We know that. You do not need us to do that for you. But what our social media people can do is help you come up with a marketing plan so that you get the most out of your time interacting on Facebook. We can run ad campaigns that are more targeted and get better results then other types of PPC. We can run sweepstakes and giveaways for you to help increase Fans. We can customize the look of your Facebook page so that your page represents you. We can tell you what is the latest improvement, trend or fad that you might benefit from. In other words we can keep your Facebook page up to date and moving forward.


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Blogs, like social media, offer a chance to put a personal stamp on your website’s image. Blogging is most effective when it is practiced consistently and with a clear message as a form of strategic PR. It offers a platform from which ideas can be shared, and an opportunity to expand upon the more rigid offerings of your website. While your site content may stay stagnant, your ability to reach new audiences with fresh content from your blog can attract many more visitors to your site, and in turn help to improve your website’s rankings for topics relevant to your business.

  • Blog set up
  • Research and develop post content
  • Optimize blog posts
  • Embed video content
  • Integrate with other social media platforms
  • Install rss functionality
  • Install Analytics tracking

Linked In

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Reputation Monitoring

What are people saying about you? The first bad review may make you want to pull the plug on all of your online endeavors, but don't. There are plenty of ways to handle bad reviews. You just need to know about them. We work with Google alerts to let us know when a mention of your site appears somewhere and then we act. Most of the time it is good, but for those bad reviews you need to respond. A good clear answer on why someone had a bad experience can go a long way to neutralize the bad review. We have seen well worded responses turn the whole bad review into great PR.

Video Optimization

YouTube is the second most popular search engine. Optimizing your YouTube channel as well as individual videos is now almost a requirement.