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Other Services

Internet Marketing is not a one size fits all process. There are many other types of online marketing that we find ourselves exploring for clients. As new features get added to the major search engines, or new developments become available in other areas of the web, we offer them to clients. Here are just a few of the additional services we offer.

Ad Campaigns

In the early days of online ads you had few options. You could buy a huge flashy banner ad that showed up at the top of every page — or not buy ads. After seeing the first 20 banner ads, it became common knowledge that viewers no longer even looked in their direction. So online ads fell quickly out of favor. But that was back in 1996, now the world of internet ads is full of opportunity. Blog ads, hulu ads, video ads through google adwords are all having their day. Combined with paid links, paid improved placement, and facebook ads, the world of Internet advertising is growing.

But of course like everything else not all internet ads are created equal. But if you find the right one for the right price the impact can be impressive. We help find that right place and we negotiate that right price.

Cost: $50 per hour

Local Listings

If you have a physical storefront for walk-in customer traffic — or your services target a specific local area — you‘ll want your information to be found in Google Maps, Yahoo Local Search and MSN Maps, as well as in other local search directories. Each directory has its own listing guidelines but shares one key objective: to provide the most accurate and relevant listings to its audience. That‘s why it is essential to provide your most current and detailed information to these directories according to their specific guidelines. It takes a little time and effort, but these directories are valuable to your online campaign — and the listings are free.

Bear in mind that your company may already have been found by directories and a listing exists. In that case, it is especially important to claim your listing and make sure your information is complete and accurate. Duplicate and inaccurate listings are common and should immediately be reported. Providing correct listings to local search directories is the business owner‘s responsibility.

Local Search Directories also offer a bonus feature to their audiences: the opportunity to rate or review a business. Not only does this provide useful feedback to the prospective customer, but ratings and reviews improve your listing‘s rank. That&lquo;s a bonus for you, too, when your reviews are good. When your business receives a poor review, you‘ll need to quickly decide how to respond and remedy the situation. Ratings and reviews contribute to your business reputation, so it‘s advisable to frequently check what customers are saying about your business online.

Cost: $400 a month for 4 months

Google Analytics

Google analytics has the ability to answer many of your questions about how your web site is performing for you. But learning the every changing Google analytics is not always easy. Setting up custom reports, segmentation, alerts, goals, event tracking are all opportunities to get the information you need and want to evaluate your site. We work with clients on a case by case basis to customize your Google analytics until you have the information you need to make good decisions for your business site.

Cost: $300 a month for 2 months